How to Become Well-Informed Before Buying Skincare Products|Dr. Mostamand

Have you wasted time searching for the perfect skincare products only to be slammed with outrageous prices at the retail counter? From basic over-the-counter skincare creams to designer creams endorsed by celebrities – you have a lot of choices.

Most skincare products, no matter their price, claim to regenerate your skin and keep it looking young. The expensive creams claim to do this with rare high-quality ingredients. While it’s true that they are often effective, they are overpriced.

Here’s why:

Only a fraction of the cost covers the ingredients themselves. You’re really paying for packaging, distribution, and advertising expenses.

The retailers and advertisers often claim “secret ingredients” and “patented formulas” to encourage consumers to buy. Yet, even the “secret” ingredients don’t justify the retail cost of many of these popular creams.

If only there was a way to avoid paying high costs and still reap the benefits of quality skincare. Good news! There is a solution that is easy on your wallet.

When shopping, check for high-quality creams sold directly from the manufacturer. This cuts down on the unnecessary fluff and leaves you paying for the ingredients themselves. When you buy from a company selling directly to the consumer, you bypass high markup for advertising and distribution.

If you prefer the skincare regimen the celebrities use, you can have that with direct sales purchases from the right company.

The more channels a product passes through, the higher the cost. Let’s pretend your skincare manufacturer can profit from selling a product for $30.00. But if they sell to a wholesale distributor, the wholesaler turns around and sells for $60 to a retailer. The retailer then sells the product to you, the consumer, for $120. Congratulations. You paid for every channel your product visited on its way to the shelves.

Even if you find a product that bypasses the wholesale distributor, you are still incurring markup costs of $60 or more. Buying from the manufacturer means you pay only for the ingredients and labor. You can get a product that costs $120 on retail shelves for only $30.

Even more good news: Affordable cost is not the only reason to buy direct. Your skincare manufacturer knows every detail of the process and can answer your questions. They can give you the advice you need and can provide a wide range of product options.

Your skincare creator can vouch for its own products without going through the exhausting channels that drive up the price. No longer will you be wondering how to get your questions answered after a befuddled sales rep at the beauty counter comes up empty.

In summary, do your research. Find out what ingredients will do the job for your specific skin type. And then skip the retail shelves and head straight to the horse’s mouth to get exactly what you need.






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