5 Easy Tips for Large Pore Treatment

Large Pore Treatment

There is some debate as to whether you can actually shrink large pores or not, but the truth is it is possible. The key to large pore treatment is keeping those pores clear, and we’ve got five easy tips here to help you do just that.

  1. Large Pore Treatment Begins With Unclogging Pores

Several factors may play a role in the size of your pores. Genetics and lifestyle choices are the two main culprits for the appearance of large pores. For instance, if your mother has large pores, this could be the reason you do too. Further, lifestyle choices such as smoking and worshipping the sun without UV protection can damage delicate pores causing them to appear larger.

The good news is, by taking steps to unclog pores of dirt, oils and dead skin cells; you can decrease the appearance of enlarged pores quite easily. All it takes is a little education (that’s where we come in) and some patience. Let’s move on to the best ways to unclog pores.

  1. Use a Product to Minimize Pores

In order to win the war against large pores, you must have the right tools in your arsenal. Retinol (Vitamin A) has long been used to treat acne, but it’s also a very powerful anti-aging ingredient used in products designed to minimize pores and smooth skin texture.

These products, called retinoids, work by promoting new skin cell turnover through increased collagen production. Skin is plumper and better hydrated, which makes pores appear much smaller. Retinoids also work to decrease oil gland production. Less oil production means fewer blackheads and pimples, leading to the appearance of smaller pores as well. If you are of the many who struggle with adult acne as well as pore size, retinol as a large pore treatment is ideal for addressing all your skincare concerns.

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  1. Get a Chemical Peel.

We know it sounds drastic, but chemical peels aren’t as horrific as they sound. Today’s in-office chemical peels work just below the skin’s surface to encourage skin cell renewal and to strip away all of the pollutants that clog pores and make them appear larger. You can even purchase chemical peel products to use at home.

If your pores look big, and your skin looks a little lack-luster, opting to have a chemical peel can help shrink large pores, smooth the surface of your skin and give it a more youthful radiance.

  1. Use Sunscreen Like Your Life Depends on it.

One of the most pore damaging lifestyle choices we make is being outdoors without sunscreen. Even just a few minutes here and there without protection from the sun’s UV rays is enough to cause damage to pores, causing them to appear larger.

UV rays break down collagen in the skin. Without proper collagen support, pores enlarge and sag. Regularly heading out the door without sunblock is a recipe for disaster that’s difficult to correct. Rather than play the repair game afterward, protect your skin from sun damage beforehand by applying sunscreen daily. A really great way to do this without having to deal with greasy products is by using a primer with sunblock built right in.

  1. Consider a Laser Treatment

If you don’t get the pore-reducing results you want using the tips listed above, you might consider a laser treatment. When conducted by a trained professional, laser treatments are highly effective at actually reducing pore size. Keep in mind, though, that this type of large pore treatment is more expensive than the other methods listed above, and it could take several sessions to achieve the results you want.

In the on-going quest to achieve smaller pores, it’s important to remember that cleanliness is the key. Keeping those pores free and clear of dirt, oil and dead skin cells will help them appear less visible. Using the tips above helps promote skin cell renewal, encourages collagen production and unclogs pores for that smooth, youthful skin – sans large pores – you’ve always wanted.


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