Best Freckle Removal Cream Review for 2017

Best Freckle Removal CreamDo you have freckles? Well, there are those who consider freckles to be cute, but truth be told freckles are just annoying. They make you appear older than you actually are and we all know how annoying that can be. We also live in a world where flawless skin is adored and this makes those with freckles less appealing and attractive.

So what exactly causes freckles? Freckles appear on your body as a result of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They are common to people with fair skin than to those with dark skin. People with fair skin have very little melanin in their skin and exposure to direct sunlight triggers an increase in the production of melanin in an attempt to protect the body from sun damage. This leads to the development of brown spots in different parts of the body. Freckles may appear on your face and on any other body part that is exposed to the sun such as your arms, back and chest area.

Genetics can also be linked to the appearance of freckles. People with melanocortin-1-receptor genes tend to develop freckles more than those without this gene.

Freckles are of two types; ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides are the more common of the two and they appear mostly when the sun exposure is high such as during the summer months. They usually disappear when you minimize your exposure to the sun.

Lentigines are much darker than the ephelides and are common among older people. They are somehow permanent as they do not fade away even with reduced sun exposure.

Dealing with freckles

There are several options when it comes to dealing with freckles. Some are temporary and only aid in concealling the freckles while some are permanent and they help eliminate the freckles once and for all.

Make Up such as concealers help in dealing with freckles in the short term. They conceal the freckles to give the illusion of flawless skin, but a face full of make every other day is not ideal. Some of these make up contain harmful substances that may damage your skin.

Laser therapy is one of the permanent cosmetic solution for freckles. It entails directing concentrated radiation on the freckles for some time. It is a complex procedure that is very expensive and quite risky when it’s not done correctly.

Freckle removal cream is the best option in dealing with freckles and getting rid of sunspots once and for all. These formulas contain active ingredients that gradually eliminate the freckles on your skin leaving your skin smooth and flawless. A simple application of these creams on a regular basis rejuvenates your skin and hastens the removal of dead skin cells thereby eliminating the freckles in a natural and safe way. Freckles removal creams are quite affordable with one such cream going for less than $50.

Things to consider when buying freckle removal creams.

The market is flooded with freckle removal creams of different types with all of them promising you instant results. However there are a couple of things that you need to consider when buying such creams.


Scan the ingredients on the product label to make sure it doesn’t contain any substances that might harm you. There are a couple of ingredients that you should be on the lookout for and they include hydroquinone and kojic acid.

Some products contain about 2% hydroquinone content. This percentage may be small but it is still powerful enough to eliminate any dark patches on your skin. However there have been some concern regarding the safety of hydroquinone and this has seen it banned in some countries in Europe.

Kojic acid is a natural depigmenting agent that is found in some freckle removing creams. It acts on the melanocytes in the body to minimize the production of melanin. It is much safer than hydroquinone.

Here are a few suggestions of the best freckle removal creams.

Ageless Derma Facial Brightening Cream contains kojic acid and other natural plant extracts such as licorice and green tea that are good for your skin. It helps in getting rid of sunspots as well.

G.M. Collin PhytoWhite Dark Spot Serum evens out your skin tone by correcting dark spots. It should be used regularly for the best results.

Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector is made of natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. It has been clinically proven to remove dark spots in just 4 weeks.



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