The Myth of Expensive Face Cream Being More Effective


Expensive Face CreamThere is a myth of expensive face cream being more effective that is clouded in mystery and uncertainty. While big brand names try to convince you of their life changing formula, there are a few myths behind the seemingly impressive power of expensive face cream.

Before you choose to buy your next expensive face cream, take a moment to read through the myth and the mystery, so you can decide for yourself whether expensive Anti Aging cream is more effective for your skin, and your wallet.

Myth One: Expensive Face Cream Has More Expensive Ingredients

Expensive Skincare brands will try to convince you that their ingredients are special. The advertisements try to appeal to your insecurities by providing a solution that is surrounded in mythical understanding of ingredients.

Even the most expensive sea kelp to the refined process of making expensive face cream holds no validity over how much it is worth. Cosmetic chemist Will Buchanan, went on an investigation about expensive ingredients in expensive face creams. He discovered that the cost of ingredients even in the most expensive face cream brands cost no more than $15.

The manufacturers are the only ones who truly know how much each ingredients costs, however, by the time an expensive face cream reaches the shelf, it has gone through the process of expensive packaging and marketing.

The expensive face cream brands try to convince you they have a secret ingredient that costs more, but the reality of the cost is in the brand, not the ingredients. Look for ingredients like palmitoyl tetrapepride-7, retinyl pamitate, and tocopheryl acetate, which all have natural properties to help you achieve the skin you are looking for at an affordable price.

Myth Two: Expensive Face Cream Delivers on Their Promise

Expensive Skincare claim to be more effective because they deliver on their promise. Some expensive face cream brands have been criticized for not delivering on their promise to provide the best skin care available. While many people are willing to splurge on expensive face cream, the truth in the promise is not always clear.

Dr. Farid Mostamand, the founder of Ageless Derma, discovered that many more affordable products deliver on their promise, but without the high price. Expensive face cream that costs over $100 has little difference to a more affordable face cream that costs between $20 and $30.

Fancy packaging might convince you that  expensive Skincare delivers on their promise, but really you are paying for more than just the face cream. When you invest in an expensive face cream, you are investing in a brand, and with that comes investing in their marketing and not necessarily a guaranteed promise.

Joyce de Lemos, a cosmetic chemist at a well-known beauty brand, explains that he looks for proof in products that they deliver on their promise. De Lemos advises to do some investigation about the brands you are thinking about investing in. Discover their reviews and clinical trials that may explain whether a product is worth purchasing.

Myth Three: Expensive Face Cream Is More Effective

Expensive face cream is no more effective than brands that offer products at a more affordable price. Once you look into the ingredients behind a product and understand the packaging and marketing process, then you can understand why expensive face cream costs so much, and why they are not the most effective for your skin care needs.

Many brands offer affordable face cream that is effective and guaranteed to help your skin care needs. With a little research into the ingredients you need to achieve the look and feel you are looking for, you can achieve healthier skin that is affordable.

The myth behind buying expensive face cream being more effective is the idea of fancy marketing and expensive brands. The truth is revealed in the ingredients in products, and the experts that are revealing the true cost of skin care products. Invest in brands that are affordable and will guarantee results for your skin care needs.

While there are many myths that surround expensive Skincare, only you can decide for yourself the truth in the packaging, the marketing, and the ingredients. With research into different blends of ingredients, you can discover the reality of expensive face cream in order to make smart purchasing decisions.

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